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Published on Tuesday 29th June, 2010 by Celtic Trust

Following a strenous last-minute campaign our resolution is included in 2010 Celtic PLC AGM agenda

Following a strenous last-minute campaign, Trust members and supporters have managed to collect enough valid resolution requisition forms to ensure that the following resolution will be on the 2010 Celtic PLC AGM agenda: ‘This AGM requests that the Board set in place a series of discussions with the various bodies which represent Celtic supporters on the advantages and disadvantages of direct representation from these bodies on the Plc Board.’ The supporting statement for the resolution reads as follows: The Celtic Trust is a not-for-profit membership organisation, formally constituted as an Industrial & Provident Society, that has been formed as a vehicle to mobilise the voting power of the many thousands of small shareholders of Celtic Plc.Over the last eight years through a series of quarterly meetings with Celtic’s Chief Executive, the Trust has had a constructive dialogue with Celtic Plc on issues of concern. However a key objective of the Trust remains to give supporters a formal voice at Board level in the future development of Celtic Football Club. On three previous occasions the Trust has asked that the Board organise a mechanism whereby a representative of the fans could be democratically elected to serve on the Board of Celtic Plc. These proposals, although strongly supported by many attending the various AGMs, have always opposed by the Board and have always been defeated. The opponents of this idea have argued that having such a Board member would not enhance the Board and would be unworkable in a number of ways. The purpose of this resolution is to initiate a set of formal discussions which could explore in a more appropriate setting the idea of supporter representation on the Board and to deal with each of the objections in turn and to come to a considered and agreed view on this matter away from the constraints of a formal Plc AGM. The Celtic Trust believes that supporter representation on the Plc Board would enhance communication between supporters of Celtic FC and the Board of Celtic Plc and by doing so improve the way that Celtic is run. Furthermore, we believe this could harness the enormous wealth of knowledge and expertise present within the fan base. We ask you to support this resolution and the written statement above circulated to shareholders in advance of the meeting, in the interests of a stronger Celtic. Despite all the effort that has gone into this part of the process, all it effectively means is that shareholders will get the chance to debate this resolution at the AGM itself (which will probably take place in late September or early October). The Trust will now be organising to ensure the biggest vote possible for the resolution at the AGM itself. We will be providing information as we go along but at this point it is important to emphasise two things: 1. When your AGM papers come through the door, please OPEN them and, even if you are not going to attend the AGM, fill in your proxy voting card. Only a very tiny proportion (around 2000 out of 29000 shareholders) actually ever vote. 2. If at any time in the past, you have ever proxied your vote to the Trust, it does NOT hold for this AGM. Proxies have to be signed for each separate AGM. To repeat, we will be providing information as it gets nearer to the date so please check our website or follow us on Twitter or check out our Facebook page. In the meantime, thanks to all those who signed the resolution forms and particular thanks to those who had to re-sign them as a result of the mix-up referred to on this website a week or so ago.


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