Letter to Celtic & SFA

Published on Monday 5th April, 2010 by Celtic Trust

Dear Peter, 1 We the undersigned welcome the approach Celtic have made to the SFA re disciplinary matters as we believe it reflects the mood of Celtic supporters everywhere and as expressed at the latest Open Meeting of supporter groups. 2. As a result of evidence accumulated during this football season 2009/10, the Celtic support in all forms, who are major contributors to the financial* well being of the game in Scotland, have lost confidence in the ability of the Scottish Football Association (SFA) to administer professional football in Scotland in manner that reflects their duty of care to all aspects of the game and everyone who takes part in it. 3. That loss of confidence has increased significantly as a result of the SFA’s response to Celtic from Gordon Smith justifying the status quo on disciplinary matters relating to appeals and the use of the Review Panel, with an interpretation of FIFA rules that appears misleading, self serving and inaccurate. 4. Those represented at the meeting wanted changes in Disciplinary Procedures that made them more • Transparent, • Accountable and • Independent of the referees. We believe this feeling permeates throughout the Celtic support and we note that the English FA operate a system with a Regulatory Commission that meets the above criteria without breaking FIFA rules, real or imaginary, and urge and encourage Celtic to pursue the implementation of a system on similar or improved lines in Scotland. 5. The Celtic support, for the good of the game, are determined that procedures change and are prepared to use our position as major financial contributors to Scottish Football to bring about what are reasonable, fair and just changes. We also ask Celtic to convey our concerns to the appropriate authorities as they see fit viz: • Football Authority in Scotland (The SFA) • And Europe (UEFA) • Civil authority (on the issue of proper governance of football.) • And ask if the Review of Scottish Football being conducted by Henry McLeish can look into the wider matter of transparency and accountability at the SFA as whole. Signed by : Celtic Supporters' Association The Celtic Trust The Jungle Bhoys North American Federation of Celtic Supporters' Clubs * Note: As a club, we are 1 member of the SFA (i.e. 2.5% share of voice), however as supporters with average gates of 55,000+ then we represent approx 33% of the 170,000 CUSTOMERS who pay to watch Scottish Football. Having 2.5% customer dissatisfaction is a problem,33% is a disaster waiting to happen.


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