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Published on Sunday 23rd May, 2010 by Celtic Trust

Very late today (Friday 21/5/10) it was decided that the meeting which was to be hosted by the Celtic Trust in St Michael’s, Gallowgate at which Peter Lawwell and Neil Lennon would set out their vision of the future and listen to supporters’ views on the way forward, would have to be rearranged. It would appear that there had been a little breakdown in communication down Kerrydale Street way and a certain essential somebody had double-booked himself! However, it is also the case that the feedback we were getting back indicated that the venue we were planning to use might not be big enough. The Trust was very keen to ensure that anyone who wanted to attend the meeting would be able to do so and to hear what was being said and to put their own point of view. In order to make sure that we will use the appropriate size of room at Celtic Park we are putting a survey up so that those who are fairly sure to attend the meeting can indicate their intentions.


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