2008 - 2009 AGM

Published on Saturday 28th February, 2009 by Celtic Trust

Minutes from the 2008-2009 AGM

The Celtic Trust Annual General Meeting 2008-2009 The Stirling Room Mitchell Library Glasgow Saturday 27 February 2009



1. Chairperson’s Opening Remarks The chairperson welcomed all members and explained the format and scope of the meeting. She gave a brief account of the history of the Trust, its membership and present status. 2. Minutes of the 2007 AGM The minutes of the AGM of 29 September 2008 were agreed as a fair and accurate account of that meeting. 3. There were no matters arising which were not covered elsewhere on the agenda 4. Secretary’s Report. The secretary presented a verbal report. The main points were as follows: • Change in personnel since last meeting • Trust’s activities already summarised for members in the Newsletter distributed with the AGM papers • Contacts with Celtic officials to discuss various issues both in a formal meeting setting and also informally via e-mail and telephone. • Close working relationship being established with other supporters’ organisations and joint representation to Celtic on the issue of the Club’s Travel Partner. • Meeting held with senior police officers to discuss matters of concern. Report posted on Trust website. • Links with Supporters Direct i.e. attendance at conference and training sessions. Discussion on matters arising from these points then took place with particular reference to the allocation of European away tickets and the Club’s Travel Partner. 5. Treasurer’s Report. The Treasurer presented a written financial report for the year 2007-08 which as in previous years had been professionally audited. The main item of expenditure had been Office rent. As we have now moved to a PO Box system this amount will be saved in future years. These accounts are available for members’ inspection. 6. Change of Rules of the Society After full discussion with officials of the Financial Services Agency (FSA) it had been agreed that since the annual turnover of the Trust falls below £25000 it is not necessary to present professionally audited accounts provided our Rules are changed to allow this and a resolution is passed at each AGM authorising a Lay audit. This change was presented to members in written form and was fully discussed and explained. The motion to change the rules was proposed by Jeanette Findlay, seconded by Jim Cosgrove and unanimously adopted. 7. Resolution to move to lay audit for financial year 2009-10 This was proposed to the meeting by Jim Cosgrove seconded by Kenny Butler and unanimously adopted. 8. Election of the Board of the Trust 2009-10 The following office bearers were elected unopposed. Chairperson: Jeanette Findlay Vice-Chairperson(s): Vincent Doherty, one other Treasurer: Kenny Butler Secretary: Marie McCusker Board Members: Jim Cosgrove, John Young, Ian McCormick, Bob Storrar, Ricky Spelman, Thomas Smith 9. Future Strategy This will include: • Continued liaison/joint working with other supporters’ groups • Ways to increase Trust membership • Continued contact with Celtic officials to raise matters of concern. • Continued lobbying for a Representative of small shareholders on the Celtic Board It was decided to defer further discussion of these issues to a meeting of the Trustees which will take place on Saturday 14 March at a venue to be decided. In deciding this venue notice will be taken of the needs of members with disabilities. 10. AOCB. There being no further business the meeting ended.


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