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Published on Friday 31st October, 2008 by Celtic Trust

Allocation of Seating to Celtic Supporters – Villarreal

Following the away fixture against Villarreal on 30 September the Trust received a number of complaints about the quality of the area of the stadium allocated to Celtic supporters..We wrote to UEFA highlighting the unsatisfactory nature of this area of the stadium and in particular the high price of tickets for such a restricted view. We also sent some photographs illustrating this. We have recently received a reply from a senior UEFA official acknowledging our concerns and stating that: • Celtic supporters were the first to use the new stand • The price of 70 EUR was comparable to the price of tickets of the same category in other areas of the stadium BUT • Villarreal will review their price policy for future matches. The UEFA official also apologises for the rather negative experience and wish us best of luck for future UCL matches.


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