Open Meeting - October 2010

Published on Saturday 30th October, 2010 by Celtic Trust

A report from the Open Meeting

Here is an update on what took place at the Open Meeting this morning. There were two issues Refereeing Standards aka Honest Mistakes and The Open Meeting Stance on the Poppy. On Honest Mistakes Jeanette and Marie (CST) reported back on the meeting Marie had had with Henry Mcleish that has already been documented on the CST site so I’ll not repeat the detail. The feeling was that they had been listened to and the points raised noted (along with Peat’s handing of the replies to the CST). I think that at least had the effect of laying down a marker that the level of disatisfaction could not be ignored. As it says at the link and was confirmed today, the CST have a letter ready to go to the new SFA CEO when he starts in October on accountability and transparency to which would be attached the list of honest mistakes that we got through CQN (Snake and Kit – good stuff). Marie also asked if that honest mistake watch would continue to record any of the same type/magnitude this season in case it was needed. Snake has agreed to continue that good work (and I see the he has done so today). Again it is a matter of keeping focus on the issue whether we are winning or losing because it is right that attempts should be made to eradicate what happened last season. This is an issue that unlike some others Celtic and the support are at one on. It was reported that Celtic are working behind the scenes with the SPL and they will get on with their track and we on ours towards the same end.. On The Poppy: The position from the previous Open Meetings was that those attending (and as it has come out since) other Celtic groups (as opposed to individuals) do not want the poppy on the jersey. The position on the minutes silence was as before, stay outside until it has passed. The CST had hoped to get an answer on Celtic’s position re the jersey before today’s meeting but this had not happened. Apparently whatever decision they reach they want it to be the final one to avoid the same issue coming up every year. No one has any idea which way it will go but it was agreed that if it was to to keep the poppy on the jersey, another meeting, probably on the 23rd Oct the day before the Rangers game would be called to decide the response in view of what Celtic said. It might not be necessary but that was the contingency agreed. The meeting then went on to discuss what our position might be should the decision go against what had been put forward to Celtic after earlier discussions. A couple of points discussed were 1. This might be a political issue and went against the latest rules for conduct in grounds at SPL games. There was a bit of debate if indeed it was political in the wider sense but no conclusion was reached other than to give it more thought before the next meeting if it was needed. If it could be placed in the political category it gives a technical get out. So think about it lads 2. Coercion. The fact that Celtic were bounced into this by the SPL ignoring the specific and divisive issues it raised among our support . This consequences of this was totally against what those who died were being remembered for and apart from being a form of coercion was hypocrisy in the extreme. The coercion point was taken on board as was the disrespect and hypocisy element the question left for the next meeting should it be needed is how to use it It was left for everyone to think about points like the above that could be raised so that if any action was required to register displeasure at what Celtic decide, there were sound arguments to back up our position on any action taken. So again If there are any other points, suggestions or ideas to put forward on the form of any action should it be necessary (it would most likely be before or at the game on 14th Nov away to St Mirren), feel free to discuss in a civil manner. I’m offski for a week from tomorrow so if anyone has any points or suggestions to make can they also take a copy and email to me via Paul. In the meantime we wait to hear if Celtic are ready to stand up on this issue or carry on as before. Lets hope Celtic grow some courage.


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