Motion on Commemorative symbols

Published on Wednesday 6th January, 2010 by Celtic Trust

Following discussion with various supporter’s groups and individuals the Trust supports a dialogue amongst Celtic supporters around how best to respond to the introduction of the poppy emblem by the SPL in recent years. Whilst observant of the fact that this is a sensitive issue and that people have a right to commemorate their war dead, there is no doubt that the red poppy symbol is closely associated with British military campaigns and is thus considered offensive by many people, particularly in relation to the role of the British Army in Ireland in recent times and in the light of ongoing wars of aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan. The proposal for a symbol that commemorates equally all victims of war, including the countless millions of innocent civilians would surely be more appropriate and consistent with the history and traditions of out club and supporters. In such circumstances the Trust would lend its support, as part of a wider campaign, for such commemoration to be honoured by the display of a white poppy by the Celtic support around Remembrance Day events. The white poppy is historically associated with the anti-war movement. In such circumstances where supporters have taken a lead we would expect the club to respond appropriately. Such an initiative could not only provide a way in which we can all comfortably commemorate all those who died as a result of war, but also be used to raise significant funds for charities such as the ‘Children in Conflict’ project to which the club made a recent £10,000 donation or similar children’s charities. Proposed: Vincent Doherty. (St.Margret’s CSC) Seconded: Cairn Kenny. (Naimh Padraig.)


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