Let the Supporters be Heard

Published on Monday 3rd May, 2010 by Celtic Trust

Making the supporters' voices heard - even if they are not all saying the same thing!

Getting Celtic supporters, indeed any group of football supporters, to agree is a difficult task. Just listen to fans talking/discussing /arguing as they leave after a match and you could be wondering if they had all been to different games. So convening Open Meetings to try and identify common issues of concern amongst the Celtic faithful was definitely of a leap of faith. There have now been three of these meetings and the attendance at each has grown. Up till now they have been held in St Mary’s Calton which had a great resonance as the place where Celtic was born but as there was standing room only at the last meeting a larger venue has been found for the next meeting. Oh, there was still a marked degree of discussion and disagreement but this was around what to do about the issues identified rather than about the issues themselves. On those there was consensus and they were: • The whole ‘poppy’ business which seems destined to raise its head every November and has given our ‘friends’ in the press and media a big stick with which to beat the Club and its support • The ‘honest mistakes’ being made week in and week out by referees but which always seem to favour just one team! • The current state of affairs at our own Club. Now there is no doubt that the acres of empty seats which have been seen at recent home games and the fact that they may stay empty if folk do not renew their season books is giving the powers that be at Celtic cause for concern. To paraphrase an iconic statement “The Board’s difficulty is the fans opportunity”. This is the time for us as supporters to let those who run the Club know what we think about the future for Celtic. Since its inception the main aim of the Celtic Trust has been to give the ordinary supporters a voice in the running of the Club which is so close to all our hearts. We will never have a better opportunity to find some way of making this possible. The next meeting, the last of this season will be held in St Anne’s Primary School (access off Fielden St) this Monday 10 May from 7-9 pm.. It is an OPEN meeting; open to all supporters not just those who may belong to supporters’ organisations. So come along and join in the discussion. It is time to make our voices heard!


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