Statement on Press Coverage following AGM

Published on Friday 30th November, 2007 by Celtic Trust

The Celtic Trust issue statement on the events and press coverage following the PLC AGM Nov 2007

The Celtic Trust Board met on Friday 23 November to discuss the events and press coverage following the PLC AGM and subsequently released the following statement:


The Celtic Trust Statement

The founding and current trustees of The Celtic Trust remain, as they have always been, wholly opposed to sectarianism and bigotry. We support the Social Mission Statement of Celtic Football Club. As members of a community who have been at the receiving end of sectarianism, we are fully aware of the need to eliminate bigotry, and thus we welcome the launch of Kick out Bigotry today. Dialogue around this complex issue needs to take place in a calm and reasoned manner and the Trust is committed to participation in any such dialogue. As a first step, and in light of the wholesale misreporting and distortion of the recent comment of our Chair, we attach here a full BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast 20/11/07


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