Desmond must go - Lenny must stay

Published on Saturday 10th April, 2010 by Celtic Trust

If any supporter is looking to take out their understandable anger and frustration at one of the worst, if not the worst, performances of a Celtic team in recent times, then they will have to wait. The chief culprit and the man who has ensured that the quality of our team has declined year on year since Seville, is currently swannning about with his mate Tiger Woods in America. This man controls every penny spent at Parkhead and his lack of ambition for anything else other than making money has caused him to put shackles on any move that would have kept us moving onwards and upwards since 2003. He has denied the successive managers even the relatively small sums on money that would have made sure that we dominated this dreadful Scottish league for many years to come. On the other end of the scale we have a man whose very heart and soul lies with Celtic. Not 10 minutes ago, I stood outside Celtic Park and he had the decency and respect to come out and speak to the 20-30 fans standing outside (most of those who had come to either barrack the returning team or just to stand in testimony to the despair they were feeling, had already left). He came out, clearly distressed and spoke completely openly and honestly about what had just happened, how he felt about it and what needed to be done next. Like many fans, I have had mixed feelings about his appointment, my heart told me yes, but my head told me it was too soon for him and we needed experience. On the basis of that act of courage and honesty, I now believe that Neil Lennon must stay as manager of Celtic next season. Our price range can buy us a bit more experience but it cannot buy us the heart of a lion and that is what Neil Lennon has. I am writing this in anger and frustration but I am also writing it with pride for a man who is destined, in my view, to lead Celtic back to glory. (this is the personal view of Jeanette Findlay, Chair, Celtic Trust)


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