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Published on Monday 24th May, 2010 by Celtic Trust

A brief perusal of the internet, as well as the traditional media, seems to show that there is a great deal of interest being shown in Thursday's meeting at Celtic Park, hosted by the Celtic Trust, and featuring Peter Lawwell and Neil Lennon. It certainly vindicates the Trust's view that Celtic supporters are more than ready to do what they always do, which is to back the team to the hilt, but they want answers as well. They want to feel involved in what is going on and want to know what arrangements are currently in place for next season and what plans are in progress. Celtic, in the form of Peter Lawwell, have made it clear that they are more than happy to engage fully with the fans even beyond the extent to which they already do this in the form of regular meetings with the various supporters' organisations. That existing structure needs to be strengthened and widened and this series of meetings is only the start of the process of doing that. The meeting itself will give many supporters the opportunity (not often available) to ask their own questions and to put forward their own ideas. They can do that in person, or if they are unable for any reason to be at Celtic Park, then if they have a Twitter account they can follow a live feed during the meeting and send in questions by that route. A conversation has already started, which will continue throughout the meeting itself, which can be accessed via the Twitter homepage by putting in the search term #ticmeet. This is a real step forward and will be welcomed by those who for reasons of disability, their working arrangements, their family arrangements or simply because they live too far away, to take part in this very exciting event. There is also a possibility, which is being investigated now, that the meeting will be recorded and made available either as a podcast or a transcript available via a website. Face to face meetings are good, and will never be replaced, but for many people the logistics of getting to a particular place are insurmountable. This is one way of including them and hearing their point of view. So there are a lot of positives about this process and hopefully, with everyone engaging in the process in good faith, we will see the start of a new era at Celtic Park, not just on the park but also in terms of building up and improving the relationship between the Club and the supporters, which, after all, is what the Celtic Trust was set up to do. The meeting will be in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park on Thursday 27th May at 7pm. All Celtic Supporters are welcome.


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