McLeish Report on Scottish Football

Published on Sunday 18th April, 2010 by Celtic Trust

According to press reports today (Sunday 18 April 2010) Henry McLeish has delivered the first stage of his report on Scottish Football to SFA chiefs prior to its publication in the near future. This part of the report which concerns the foundation level of football in this country is said to be about to send ‘shockwaves’ through the whole of Scottish football. Henry McLeish now moves on to reviewing the professional game. He has indicated in the past that he is willing to meet with anyone who wishes to have an input into his review. The Celtic Trust welcomes this open approach. Recently we have met with other supporters and supporters’organisations through a series of Open Meetings. As a result of these representatives of the various organisations have met with Celtic officials and made them aware of the concerns raised. A report of this meeting is available on this website. On a similar basis of cooperation we would now propose to seek a meeting with Henry McLeish and discuss the various issues with him. We will also seek a meeting with Gordon Smith Chief Executive of the SFA to discuss what needs to be done to make referees more accountable and their decisions more transparent. Progress will be reported here so keep logging on!

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