Report of the Last Meeting

Published on Sunday 31st January, 2010 by Celtic Trust

This meeting, a follow up meeting from the one held before Christmas, was very well attended by a large number of supporters and representatives of supporter organisations. A range of topics were raised and there was full and frank discussion on these. These topics included, issues surrounding Remembrance, stewarding and treatment of supporters during matches, refereeing inconsistencies and Celtic’s response to these. The following points were generally agreed: • The various supporters’ organisation should work together on issues on which they have reached an agreed view. • Coordinating this effort should be done both through the internet and in regular meetings perhaps two or three a year. A model of how this could be done via the internet was put forward at the meeting by Pat McVey in order to make this, manageable and effective, issues need to be prioritised. One topic on which most were agreed is that there is a need to address what has become known as “The Poppy Issue”. It was felt that we need to be proactive in this and find a way in which all supporters can unite behind a common symbol in honouring their dead. This was thought to be necessary given that the issue is likely to come up every year now and leads to extensive criticism of the Celtic support. It therefore cannot be ignored. It was agreed that the next meeting should have this one item on the agenda to allow full discussion on possible ways forward. In light of recent events there will be a proposal from the Trust that the issue of the quality of refereeing also be discussed. This was raised at the 20 February meeting but not discussed fully Date and Place of next meeting: Saturday 20 March at 11am Ward Room St Mary’s Church Abercromby Street Glasgow


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