European Away Ticket Allocation

Published on Thursday 29th October, 2009 by Celtic Trust

Meeting with Celtic re European Away Scheme October 2009

There was a meeting held yesterday (Wednesday 28 October) at Celtic Park at which the Trust together with the CSA met with the Stadium Manager, the Commercial Manager and the Ticket Office Manager to discuss this issue. This is the latest in a number of discussions around this issue following the submission (at the request of the Chief Executive) of a joint proposal from the Trust and the Association which asked for a scheme which was fair and transparent. The outline of the scheme is available on Celtic’s website *** LINK HAS EXPIRED *** and the issues we were discussing yesterday were around the percentages of tickets allocated to the following categories: players and staff (13%); corporate customers (37%); Thomas Cook and sponsors (27%) and independent travellers (23%) and also about the nature of the records held at Celtic Park. In terms of the various percentages we had a full discussion around this issue and raised a number of questions about the maximum numbers which would fall into this category (the percentages reflect an average over a set period). We were happy with the assurances given that the numbers of tickets going to independent travellers has significantly increased and that this scheme once put in place will result in people being able to estimate with some confidence their likelihood of obtaining a ticket for any given game. This would allow supporters to make travel arrangements on that basis. On the second question (regarding Celtic’s data) it was agreed that in the season tickets renewals going out next May, supporters will be told which level of priority they have in the scheme based on past attendances. In the meantime, we were asked to let supporters know that they can ask for that information from the Ticket Office now. If any supporter is unhappy with her/his banding and is unable to resolve the issue with the Ticket Office then it was agreed that the Association and the Trust could take this up on their behalf.


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