Irish Government Protests re Famine Song

Published on Wednesday 10th September, 2008 by Celtic Trust

The Irish Government has protested to the Scottish Government about the racist chants of the Rangers Fans who have been asking us since last season 'why don't you go home?'. The Celtic Trust condemned this song as soon as it first began to be sung (see Archive under 'Holocaust chants'). We also, along with other groups, raised this in a meeting with Show Racism the Red Card some months ago. This organisation, charged with removing racism from Scottish football, agreed that the song was racist and apologised for not dealing with it sooner. Since then, however, they have not replied to any contact from us and have made no public statements on the matter. This is a clearly racist song and the response by sections of the media trying to link it to sectarianism is a blatant attempt to portray this as a tit for tat process. Even worse is the response of some commentators to link it to the issue of faith schools. This is entirely a problem for the Rangers support, their organisations and their club, and those bodies charged with removing racism from football. The Celtic Trust has no intention of engaging in any media-directed game which is designed to take the spotlight from the racists responsible for the singing of, and defence of, this song.


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