Meeting between Trust Reps and officials of Celtic

Published on Thursday 1st April, 2010 by Celtic Trust

1. Events at and following the Celtic AGM which was held on 31 October 2009 There was a full discussion around issues arising from the above meeting which can be summarised as follows: • Trust reps remarked on the time lapse between the AGM and the meeting now taking place. All present recognised that an earlier meeting would have been preferable. • Following on from events at the AGM the Trust restated its opposition to the appointment of the present Club Chairman and to his continuing to hold this office. • How shares were voted and how this data could be interpreted was discussed. This served to clarify the information which had previously been sought by the Trust and will now be supplied following a written request to the Club Secretary. • Celtic reps enquired about the membership and function of the Trust. This was explained and discussed. (As a result of this the Trust secretary will write to the Chief Executive of Celtic with further information including directions to the Trust website) • Trust reps remarked on what they perceived as the change in tone of both written and verbal communication recently emanating from Celtic Park. Celtic reps stated that there had been no change in policy and that they were not aware of any difference of approach. Specific instances or concerns should be communicated by the Trust to the Chief Executive. 2. Season Tickets Trust reps raised the some issues and again there was a full and useful discussion from which the following emerged: • A decision on season ticket pricing for season 2010/11 would be made in April. • It was noted that the number of games included within the price of the season ticket is considered as a matter of course during the pricing review process. • The qualifying dates for those supporters who are applying for concession season tickets will be examined. Shirt sponsorship Trust reps welcomed the fact that logos advertising alcohol were no longer being put on replica shirts for children. It was noted that consideration had been given to following Barcelona’s example and displaying a charity logo on Celtic shirts, but if implemented this would have led to a substantial loss in revenue for the Club. The present sponsorship deal is of three year duration but the points raised will be kept in mind. Stewarding and security The Club and Trust are concerned by the unruly behaviour at away fixtures of a group of younger supporters. There are obvious difficulties in dealing with this problem but it will be monitored by the Club.


Supporters with Disabilities

Trust reps raised the situation of supporters with disabilities. The sections of the Stadium allocated to these supporters being near the pitch side, mean that they are exposed to all inclement weather as no shelter is available. In addition at the end of the game they are retained in the Stadium, for good Health and Safety reasons, but because of this, are further exposed to the elements. A raised area with cover for supporters with disabilities would be preferred as exists in other stadiums. This issue will be investigated as part on the annual capital expenditure review process.


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