Statement re John Reid's business links with Daon

Published on Wednesday 30th April, 2008 by Celtic Trust

Trust statement re John Reid's business links with Dermot Desmond April 2008

The Celtic Trust notes the press coverage yesterday (6/4/08) concerning payments made to John Reid, the Celtic Chairman, by a group of companies controlled by Dermot Desmond. One of the four main companies involved is Daon, a company involved in identity recognition systems, the use of which was promoted by John Reid in his role as a Minister. When the question of John Reid’s potential business use to the major shareholder was raised by us in meetings with Celtic and at the PLC AGM in November 2007, we were assured categorically and vehemently that no such connection existed and that Dr Reid was not associated with Mr Desmond’s other business activities. In his response to the AGM, a response which can now only be seen as disingenuous, Dr Reid denied the business connection and replied, "It appears it is now a sin to be a friend or associate to Dermot Desmond.” He was also reported as saying "I'm certainly not here as part of a business arrangement with Dermot" and "As a former Government minister I've had plenty of business offers since leaving the Cabinet but none from him." Notwithstanding any potential breach of any Parliamentary code, the Trust now believes that this has the potential to damage the reputation of Celtic and that Dr Reid should immediately issue a statement explaining this matter.


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