All singing and all dancing!

Published on Sunday 31st January, 2010 by Celtic Trust

One topic which seems to constantly appear on online message boards and on supporters’ buses, and particularly amongst the younger elements of the support, is atmosphere (or the lack of). I do not think anyone can argue that the vocal support within Parkhead has decreased dramatically in the past decade or so. The reasons for this could be debated for days on end ……so we won’t bother. What is important however is how we can work towards solutions. For the past few years, the Green Brigade have continued to establish part of the North East corner as an area where people can go to if they wish to provide loud, vocal support. Recent weeks have also saw gatherings of other small fan groups and like minded fans in the opposite corner. These lads (and girls!) who constantly strive to organise and encourage vocal support of the team, especially during the shocker of a season we have just had, should be commended and supported by the club. The most obvious way in which the club can do this is by allocating areas where supporters can gather to sing. Simply allocating an area is not enough however, as the current ‘singing section’ shows. The club and supporters should be communicating with each other on issues such as stewarding, health and safety (i.e. the use of different sizes of flag poles), relocations etc. Simple measures like this, which allow for realistic solutions and good levels of fan input, would help to minimise the growing tension between the support and the security. The perfect example of where to look for real life examples is Germany. A current approach has been made to the club about establishing such an area on the lower tier between the Jock Stein Stand and the Main Stand. Time will tell how this pans out and what the results will be. One thing that is certain however is that the club HAS to accommodate the growing number of active, vocal supporters. We won’t be going away and a ‘them v us’ situation, as has been proved, is not in the best interests of anybody connected to Celtic Football Club.


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