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Published on Saturday 1st May, 2010 by Celtic Trust

Amidst all the current speculation about the Manager (which hopefully will be resolved soon) it is still important to keep in mind the more mundane activities which roll around every year for the Trust and for those who wish to channel some of their energy into the Celtic PLC AGM. Those of you who take an interest in such things will remember that the Trust pulled back from putting resolutions to the AGM last year on the grounds that the timetable was proving very onerous for us and we wanted to start working from a year in advance. One of the resolutions we were thinking of putting forward at that time is now redundant in the sense that discussions with Celtic have lead to a new system of allocating European away tickets which now needs to be bedded in before tinkering with it further. The other resolution was an attempt to come at the question of supporter representation from a slightly different angle. We were asking the Board to organise a series of discussions with the supporters with a view to improving the communication between the Club and the supporters and to creating a channel whereby the fans can put forward positive ideas for the good of Celtic. This resolution is going forward this year and chimes in very nicely with a series of discussions (both private and public) which have been going on throughout this year and which are now gathering momentum. On the one side we have a greater unity being slowly built up via the Open Meeting process and other more traditional channels of contact between the various supporter organisations. On the other hand, discussions with the club about strengthening and making more effective the existing points of contact between them and the supporters organisation have also taken place. It may well be that by the time the AGM rolls along this resolution will also be redundant but it would do no harm at all for the AGM to reinforce this developing process and give it an added impetus. If you are a shareholder and you have at least 100 ordinary shares then you can support this resolution by downloading the form available on the Trust website 11 Once you have completed the form and signed it you can either post it back to us or you can scan the signed version in and email it to us This is an obvious and easy way to communicate your support for the general principle of supporter representation being fully embedded in the Club’s structures. The discussion referred to in the resolution can and should involve as many proposals for doing this as there is out there.


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