Complaint to SPL re extension of 2007-8 Season

Published on Wednesday 23rd April, 2008 by Celtic Trust

P.O. Box 2066 G Glasgow G32 2AX 23 April 2008 The Company Secretary Scottish Premier League Hampden Park Glasgow G42 9DE Dear Sir Extension to the Premier League Season I wish to register some serious concerns regarding your intention to extend the SPL season and about the process which reached that decision. It is my understanding from various pronouncements in the press and media that Rangers FC had not sought and had no intention of seeking an extension to the season. If such a request has been received by the SPL then I can find no mention of it in the statement you have issued listing the two prospective scenarios. I would be grateful if you could confirm whether or not such a request was made to you. If, however, no such request was made then the impetus to extend the season has to have come from within the offices of the SPL. If so what was the motivation of the person or persons involved? Did they even give a thought to the disadvantage and disruption to supporters caused by the moving of a set of fixtures from Sunday to the following Thursday? Sunday remains a day when many people are not at work while Thursday is a normal working day. Travelling to, in the case of our support, Dundee, in the evening therefore poses additional and perhaps unsurmontable problems for many. The Sunday date has been in the diary since the beginning of the season and many supporters (not only Celtic supporters) have made plans from that date to attend this fixture. For many of our own support this involves travelling long distances from England, Ireland and from mainland Europe. Already this season there has been major disruption to the fixture list for these and other fans. I remind you of the fiasco of the fixture v Motherwell which was cancelled less than one hour before kick-off and the on/off fixture against Rangers finally played last week. It would seem that in this case, as in so many, the interests of supporters are of little or no account to the SPL. What is even more alarming is the priority given to the interests of one Club to the detriment of the others in the League. If the SPL is to retain any credibility then steps should be taken immediately to return to the originally published fixtures. Yours faithfully Marie M McCusker Acting Secretary


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