Letter to UEFA re AC Milan game March 2007

Published on Thursday 22nd March, 2007 by Celtic Trust

The following letter was sent to Mr William Galliard, the Director of Communications at UEFA, setting out the Trust's view in relation to the decision regarding where the away leg of our game against AC Milan should be played. Any response will be put on this site as soon as we receive it. Dear Mr Galliard AC Milan -v- Celtic, 7 March 2007 The Celtic Trust is an organisation of Celtic supporters/shareholders organised and regulated as an Industrial and Provident Society. We hold regular meetings with Celtic FC and have been in contact with UEFA in the past regarding issues of concern to Celtic supporters. I am writing to you today on behalf of our members, and in terms which reflect the views of the travelling Celtic support to make you aware of the impact of any decision to move the above game to a venue not in Milan or a neutral venue not easily accessible to Glasgow. I was interested to hear you say in the media that the Celtic fans should not be 'out of pocket' because of recent events. However, the reality is that the vast majority of fans will already have paid for their trip to Milan in full and on a non-refundable basis. Only those fans (a minority) who are travelling with Celtic's travel partner are likely to be able to recoup any losses if the game does not go ahead in Milan. A further consideration is that those fans who have paid for their trip and are unable to gain refunds will, in all likelihood, decide to travel to Milan in any event and will be intending to watch the game in bars and hotels in Milan. UEFA and the Italian authorities may wish to take this into consideration in making any decision. Have UEFA considered these points and have they any plans to offer guidance to fans regarding obtaining compensation from the various travel companies involved? The large travel operators like Expedia, for instance, gain a lot of business from the travelling Celtic support and are not offering refunds. Does UEFA have any plans to make representations to the travel industry on our behalf or does UEFA think that Celtic fans should simply write off this money? As to the alternatives, switching the game to Newcastle will certainly be a cheaper option than playing in France for Celtic fans but, if the game is to be played in a neutral venue, has UEFA considered moving it to a stadium in Glasgow (either Hampden or Ibrox)? This would mean that while those fans who had paid their travel in full would still lose their money, they would be able to see the game at no further expense. I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience. Yours sincerely Jeanette Findlay Chair, Celtic Trust


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