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Published on Wednesday 5th May, 2010 by Celtic Trust

Vincent Doherty, a member of the Trust Board, uses his spare time stuck in Glasgow hiding from Volcanic Ash to giveus his thoughts on last night's game. For those of us lucky enough to be in attendance at Paradise last night this was a night to remember. Those who came in the hope that they might turn Celtic Park into some sort of carnival of reaction were sent home with their tail between their legs. After a season of unmitigated disaster under Tony Mowbray, seven successive victories in the SPL under the stewardship of Neil Lennon, served to reawaken hope. In the process last night’s result also served to illustrate just how wrong the previous Manager got it in terms of preparing a team with the mental capacity necessary to grind out results against teams of lesser ability. That is the one quality that Walter Smith has brought to his team.They have been grinding results for the last three years with the relentlessness of a salt mill, in a way that has made them an advertisement for what Lionel Messi famously referred to as their ‘anti football.’ But not last night. Last night we got in about them from the get go. We let them know that the soft underbelly so evident under Mowbray had been replaced by a newly acquired 6 pack. We were quicker to the tackle and in their face. Indeed it was evident that people who had no clue under Mowbray what it was all about had quickly learned under Lennon the importance of winning against this mob. We were better than they were, as we had the potential to be all season, but this time we were just as menacing and almost as ugly. There was no way they were going to leave a stain on our ground and not ever the ‘officials’ could conjure up a goal for them this time, try as they might. There will be all sorts of guff from the laptop loyal about maybe this and maybe that. Maybe’s are for babies. If we had had a fair throw of the dice all season against them maybe we would have won the league. If we hadn’t been denied stone wall penalties, good goals and had players sent off unjustly maybe we would have won all the games against them this season. In case the Plc Board were somewhere else last night and missed the message from the terraces, the fans think Neil Lennon has done enough to be given the reins at Celtic Park going into the new season. I don’t often agree with Barry Ferguson but I heartily agree with what he said before the game, that Neil Lennon is one of the few candidates out there who can bring to Celtic what Walter Smith brought to Rangers. In a word, desire. It was evident over the past few weeks like when we came from behind on two occasions to win and faced down the menace at Tannadice. But more than ever before this season it was in evidence last night. What was different from previous games? Neil Lennon was the difference. From when we stepped out on to our beloved Celtic Park and made it clear that if anything was to be taken from our citadel it would be over our bruised and bloodied bodies. That was Neil Lennon’s messages to the players who want to be here next season. That, brothers and sisters, is what has been lacking for a long time. To see it once more from our players was truly inspiring. To see and hear it from the terraces from start to finish was even more inspirational. Not only did shut them up we let them hear what singing sounded like. Songs of celebration and hope, songs of struggle and defiance that for a while at least drowned out the bigots and their racist drivel and inspired the team playing football to rise above those who represent ‘anti football.’


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