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Published on Monday 16th May, 2011 by Celtic Trust

The Celtic Trust are putting forward two resolutions to the AGM this year. See here for more details

Celtic PLC AGM 2011

Well it may not seem that long since the last PLC AGM but I'm afraid, dear reader, that it is time to get your pens out and start signing the shareholder resolution requisition forms.  The process of putting resolutions to the PLC AGM ensures that the day itself is something more than a completely stage managed showpiece for the Board and allows some input from the small shareholders/supporters.  There are around 29,000 shareholders of Celtic PLC - most of them holding very small amounts of shares - and less than 2,000 of them ever actually exercise their right to put a resolution or to vote on the resolutions on the agenda.  So please don't ignore that big white envelope when it arrives - open it and take a view on the issues; either turn up and vote or proxy your vote to someone to cast it on your behalf.  We at the Trust are always ready to take on that role.  However, more of that nearer the time; in the meantime, please take a look at the resolutions and supporting statements discussed below.  If you feel able to support them for inclusion on the PLC AGM agenda then download them, sign them and either scan them in and email them back to the Trust  (see contact section) or post them back to us:  or call us and we will collect them.


Resolution re supporter representation

This year we are going back to the PLC AGM to ask them again to organise a series of discussions with the aim of improving the direct communication between the fans and the board.  The precise form of such communication would be a matter for the wider fan body and Celtic to decide although the Trust has long favoured direct representation on the Board.  The key issue here is not that Celtic don't talk to the supporters and the supporter organisations but that they often don't do so until a decision is close to being made and it limits the influence that supporters can have.  The full form of the resolution can be downloaded here: Resolution re supporter representation.


Resolution re Safe Standing Areas

The Trust has decided to ask the Board to undertake a feasibility study into the creation of a safe standing area(s).  The supporting argument is contained within the body of the resolution requisition form and this can be downloaded here:  Resolution re Safe Standing


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