Important Notice for Celtic Trust members

Published on Tuesday 17th May, 2011 by Celtic Trust

We are introducing a new members-only section for information which is not for wider circulation

Register on Trust website for members-only info

Would all Trust members please register on the site in order to be allowed access to the members-only section. We will use this to post information which is not for non-members and to consult members from time to time on issues of concern.
Policy issues will, of course, be decided at Celtic Trust meetings but occasionally the pressure of time and the fact that many members are not in Glasgow, will mean that it will be more convenient to deal with some issues using our website.
When you register, you will be asked for a user name, we would appreciate it if you would use your real name as we generally don't approve of pseudonyms and, in any event, we need to confirm your membership before you will have access to the restricted part of the site.
If there are any of you out there who, for special reasons, are unwilling to use your real name on the site (remember it won't be seen by anyone else unless you make comments on articles in the public part of the site) please email us separately to tell us your real name and the pseudonym you are using so that we can confirm your membership.
There are many people who are on our mailing list because they have been members in the past and don't object to us keeping in touch with them. We will continue to include you in any emails we send out, however, you will not have access to the members-only section unless you re-join the Trust which we strongly encourage you to do. You can do this by filling in the online form and by paying the annual subscription fee of ten pounds via the Paypal button which you will find on the bottom right hand corner of each page.


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