Trust welcomes SFA decisions

Published on Wednesday 8th June, 2011 by Celtic Trust

The Celtic Trust welcomes the decision of the SFA to implement in full the recommendations contained in the McLeish report.  This represents a first step in modernising the administration of Scottish football and achieving the reasonable demands of accountability,transparency and fairness.  The Trust, along with other supporters' groups wrote to the SFA and to Celtic in February of last year (2010) asking for such changes to be introduced.  In addition, we met with Henry McLeish to contribute our views and ideas to his review.  We are confident that the pressure for these reforms which came from a unified Celtic support, together with the pressure from our own Club on the creaking and archaic system of governance has speeded up the process of change.

Credit should however be given the Chief Executive of the SFA, Stewart Regan and to the Chief Executive of the SPL, Neil Doncaster, who have shown a willingness, if not a determination, to introduce reform.  Let us hope that in the detailed implementation of the broad proposals we will continue to move forward so that those of us who fund the game can finally be given a footballing competition for which fair play is the hallmark.


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1 comment
Thomas says:
2011-06-09 19:41:22

I would second that as I for one never thought I would see the day . The chairperson of trust will confirm even until Monday I was almost certain that some people would never change their old ways but I have been proved wrong . Fair play to all in the trust, association and the club, you all know who you are ! How does it go again ? Something inside so strong.

Vice Chair
Thomas Smith


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