John Thomson - Prince of Players

Published on Monday 5th September, 2011 by Celtic Trust

A fantastic memorial event and a credit to all concerned

Congratulations to all the members of the John Thomson Memorial Committee for, yet again, organising a wonderful day of events and celebrations for the life of John Thomson.  A special congratulations to all those who took part in the very long walk from Parkhead to Cardenden over the weekend. 

The successful event included, as usual, the children's football tournament which is a big day in the diary of the local community.  The presentations were lengthy and noisy but will stay in the mind of those  young girls and boys who took part yesterday - especially given the presence of the Celtic Captain, a Fife boy himself, who was there to present the trophies and who stayed to give autographs and photo opportunities to a very long line of fans.  He presented a large number of trophies in a number of categories, many of which were won by young girls.

Afterwards a large crowd walked to Bowhill Cemetery where Scott Brown laid a wreath on Thomson's grave on behalf of Celtic FC.  A large number of wreaths were also laid by the Memorial Committee, the CSA, local CSCs and others. In a very moving moment a lone piper played a lament followed by an address from the local minister.

Afterwards there was music and refreshments at a local hall where, as they say, a good time was had by all.  This ia a shining example of the goodwill and cameraderie of football fans (who were by no means all Celtic fans) when focused on the positive aspects of football and the simple humanity of mourning the untimely loss of a great player.

The hate-filled actions of those desecrated the grave of John Thomson the previous day were ignored and consigned to the background to be addressed on another day.  The headstone was cleaned up and the minds of those who took part in the memorial events were engaged in the mood of the day that was in it, and that is how it should be. 


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