Justice Committee split on anti-Football Bill

Published on Thursday 6th October, 2011 by Celtic Trust

The Stage 2 Report of the Justice Committee which is now available at Justice Committee Stage 2 Report  reveals that the Committee is seriously split on this legislation with support for the Bill appearing to have been forced through by the casting vote of the Committee Convenor Christine Grahame.  Grahame leads those in favour of the bill:

Roderick Campbell

John Finnie

Colin Keir

Humza Yousaf

while the Vice-Convenor, James Kelly leads those who remain unconvinced about the Bill and it's necessity and likely impact:


John Lamont

Alison McInnes

Graeme Pearson


The 70 page document has just been released and more comment on it will follow on this site.  In the meantime the Bill will proceed as follows: 

It is expected that the report will be debated in the Chamber early in November.  Thereafter, the Committee will consider any amendments that are lodged as part of its line by line scrutiny of the Bill at Stage 2 towards the end of November.  Stage 3 proceedings are expected to follow before the end of the year.



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