Celtic Trust supports Fans against Criminalisation

Published on Friday 7th October, 2011 by Celtic Trust

Celtic fans unite against anti-Football Fan legislation

The Celtic Trust wish to announce our full support for the Fans against Criminalisation campaign launched yesterday by the Green Brigade.  We have, from the outset, expressed our very serious concerns about this legislation which is, at best, rushed and ill-thought out, and at worst, an attempt to 'even' the score by criminalising large numbers of Celtic fans who cannot be convicted under existing legislation because they do not sing bigoted songs.

We fully support attempts by a wide and varied section of Scottish society to oppose this Bill for a variety of reasons.  The Government needs to step back from this and actually listen to these concerns.  It appears that there are a number of different 'agendas' being pursued here, not least of which is the desire by the some senior Police Officers to have a National Police Force. 

We cannot stand back and allow fans, particularly Celtic fans, to become the whipping boys of the media, and our civil liberties cast aside to form the stepping stone for the career ambitions of the Chief Constable of Strathclyde Police.


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1 comment
2011-10-07 15:16:25

That is spot on there with the statement for to long people have stood back and Let there fellow Tims Be attacked bye police I was at the Hibs game on the first day off the Season I saw The police Come to where I was sitting and take out a few young Lads from the GB all they done was Have Some banner police at abereen far to heavy with Celtic fans wen you go there you get your self video recorded. From the minute you get off our bus I am sick off this abuse we suffer at games so instead off people standing back and doing nothing stand up for your fellow Celtic fans wen you see the police trying to get to heavy with our fans


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