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Published on Friday 4th November, 2011 by Celtic Trust

..and let him/her know we won't be criminalised

Democracy in action

Many of you will have watched the debate in the Scottish Parliament yesterday on the Offensive Behaviour at Football Threatening Communications Bill - or read in your papers this morning - that the Government are completely isolated on this issue.  All opposition MSPs are opposed to this Bill, along with the Churches, the human rights and civil liberties groups, the Law Society of Scotland, the anti-discrimination groups, academics and the dugs in the streets.

It is now time to put the maximum pressure on MSPs to see sense on this issue and withdraw this Bill. 

Please write to your MSP on this issue or, better still, visit him or her at their surgery.  If you don't know who your MSP is you can find out by putting your postcode into this link Who is my MSP?

You can write in your own words or use these templates - try to personalise them a little bit and remember to put in your own name and address and the name of your MSP at the greeting at the top of the letter.

Template letter to MSPs re missing Section 74 data

Template letter to MSPs re Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill


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Cathal says:
2011-11-19 11:37:56

Sent both letters 2 to 3 weeks ago to my MSP; John Mason. Thought at the time it was a waste of time - haven't heard a whisper from the man.

Gerry D says:
2011-11-04 21:30:47

Christine Grahame's idiot plea that the law is desired by police so should be granted is laughable.
I believe it was internet fail Campbell Corrigan who said the Bill is worthwhile if it stops 1 offence, on that basis driving, alcohol, cigarettes and staircases should be banned as the cause deaths!

We having been calling for years that existing laws be enforced and surprise surprise thats working

Meanwhile, as Christine hinted at herself they will try to even up the arrests totals before the Scottish govt are embarrassed into releasing crime figures.

They cant re release the last ones as it shows what we know already that Catholics are at least 4 times more likely to suffer attacks. Its not a football problem as stats also state that by far most offences arent perpetreted at football matches.

Before I finish a wee word to the good. as we saw at Celtic park last week 'timmy traps' are being set, so careful how you go!


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