Meeting with ACC Campbell Corrigan

Published on Thursday 17th November, 2011 by Celtic Trust

Correcton of press coverage

 Recent press coverage of a meeting between Mr Corrigan and the Celtic supporters’ organisations has been very misleading and we felt it necessary to present a correct version for our members and for the Celtic support. 

 Following the Hibs game and the behaviour of the police on that day, the Celtic Trust and the Celtic Supporters’ Association both separately asked for a meeting with Celtic to discuss this issue. We met together with Celtic on the Wednesday after the game (2/11/11) and expressed our views.  We agreed to request, through Celtic, a meeting with the Match Commander, Mr Eddie Smith.  We were originally given the impression that this meeting would take place on the Friday and, when this proved impossible, early the following week.  However, we were then told that Mr Smith, who we have met with a number of times, was now refusing to meet with Celtic supporters’ organisations.  The CSA and CT wrote to his Divisional Commander Wayne Mawson and asked if he would meet to consider our complaints and the fact that Mr Smith was refusing to meet us.  He effectively refused to meet us by saying he would only discuss matters other than the ones that had been raised.  A second letter was sent asking who, of an equivalent rank or higher, was willing to meet us to discuss our concerns.   On Tuesday of this week (15/11/11) we were advised that ACC Corrigan wished to have a meeting with all the supporters’ organisations (CSA, CT, Green Brigade, ARCSC and AICSC).  With the exception of the GB, we agreed to the meeting.  On Wednesday we were extremely disturbed to find that there was inflammatory and misleading coverage in the Daily Record of the proposed meeting.  It gave the impression that we were being summonsed to discuss bad behaviour by Celtic supporters, it attacked our colleagues, the Green Brigade and it appeared to focus on singing.  This is not what the meeting was intended to be about and it is not possible to have a constructive dialogue under these circumstances.  Therefore we will not be attending the meeting with Mr Corrigan scheduled for Friday (18/11/11).

 However, we are a responsible supporters’ organisation and we are always willing to enter into constructive dialogue with any organisation or individual in order to advance the interests of our members, of the Celtic supporters generally and of Celtic.  For that reason we do not rule out future meetings with Strathclyde Police but these will have to be on the basis of mutual respect and an agreed and published agenda.







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Bhoyfromsky says:
2011-11-24 13:15:06

Sorry should be MIS - Represented!!!!

Bhoyfromsky says:
2011-11-24 13:14:04

Good Luck with the meeting today.
As ACC Corrigan has admitted to being represented in the Tabloid press, potraying our support as the "baddies" Will you be demanding that he demands a PUBLISHED apology from the same Tabloid press!!!


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