Christine Grahame faces fresh allegations

Published on Tuesday 29th November, 2011 by Celtic Trust

Police to investigate Christine Grahame

On Saturday the Scottish Daily Mail reported that Christine Grahame, the Convenor of the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament is being investigated by the police at the request of the Serious and Organised Crime Department of the Crown Office for ‘misuse of Parliamentary funds’.  She is being accused of using thousands of pounds of Parliamentary funds to party political aims.  Specifically the allegation is that she used these funds to ensure her own election in May.  The Scottish Daily Mail claims to have had ‘sight’ of a video which appeared to show her issuing instructions for funds to be misused.

Grahame who has the task of seeing the Offensive Behaviour at Football Bill through Parliament in the teeth of a totally united opposition from all opposition parties (as well as the Churches, the Football Clubs and legal and academic experts), was accused recently of having anti-Catholic views (see Hirst Allegations)  She has, so far, failed to deny these accusations or to take legal action against her accuser.  The Justice Secretary has stated that she has ‘robustly defended’ herself but he himself has not provided any details of where and how she has defended herself.  Celtic Trust members have asked their MSPs to ask Kenny MacAskill for more details of this robust defence and we will make them public if and when we receive them.

These latest revelations which suggest that the police are taking seriously the allegations of a ‘disgruntled employee’ cast further doubts on the credibility of Christine Grahame and, by inference, on this thoroughly detested and unwanted piece of proposed legislation.

The Scottish Government must take a step back from the precipice at least until Ms Grahame has answered these charges to the satisfaction of the police and the Crown Office.  To proceed to force this Bill through against all reason and logic and in the light of these allegations which further taint the whole process of the passage of this Bill might be the most costly piece of bravado which this Government have ever engaged in.





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Kenny Butler says:
2011-12-01 14:20:03

Tut Tut Christine.


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