Police are not out to 'smash' Green Brigade

Published on Tuesday 6th December, 2011 by Celtic Trust

Following a very disturbing article in last Sunday's edition of Scotland on Sunday in which an unnamed source within Strathclyde Police is quoted as saying that they are out to 'smash' the Green Brigade, Strathclyde Police have, on their own Facebook page, issued a denial. 

The statement reads:

This weekend an article appeared in Scotland on Sunday that suggested that Strathclyde Police are out to 'smash the Green Brigade.' We would like to make it clear that these comments do not reflect the view of the Force.

Our primary concern is to ensure that all fans of all clubs enjoy going to the football safely. Those fans who misbehave or cause offence to others will, of course, be subject to Police action.

Football is our national sport. It has the power to inspire kids and bring people together. We want that to be the story. We're sure that you do too.

The last few games (home and away) have seen a return to more normal, low key policing and a removal of the 'camera in your face' approach.  The Celtic Trust welcomes this and we hope that this is an indication of things to come.  The statement by the Police appears to be in line with these welcome developments.

However, there are still some serious issues to be resolved in terms of the policing of the Hibs game on 29 August and the recent shocking treatment of two young fans (in two separate incidents) who ended up spending 5 days in custody over Breach of the Peace charges.  The Trust and the rest of the supporters' organisations will continue to monitor the situation and to offer advice and support to Celtic fans who are unfairly criminalised in the current oppressive climate for football fans in Scotland.


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