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Published on Monday 9th January, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Appeal for a witness to an incident in Kinloch Street after the Aberdeen game 23 October 2011

Witness appeal

On 23 October 2011 after the game against Aberdeen there was an incident in Kinloch Street when a disabled Celtic supporter and his son were arrested by mounted police officers for allegedly shouting abuse at the Aberdeen fans while leaving the stadium.  During his arrest the man was being held by the neck by a male officer mounted on a horse.  When he was released to be grabbed by other officers on foot, the officer knocked the man's glasses off.  The man's teenage son attempted to help his father and was also arrested.  His younger son (13) was crying and in distress and during that time a female officer screamed in his face and threatened him with arrest.  The child was subsequently abandoned outside the park and a steward had to wait with him till his mother could be contacted to come and collect him. 

During the incident a female Celtic supporter asked the mounted officer, who was holding the man, for his number as she appeared to be objecting to the way the man was being treated.  He apparently did not reply to her and left the scene shortly thereafter.  This lady, who was in the 40-60 age group could be a helpful witness as the man and his son have now been charged with breach of the peace.

If you are this lady or you know her (you may have heard her speak about the incident) can you please contact the Celtic Trust via our website or contact Fans Against Criminalisation at .

Could all fan websites or blogs please pass on this appeal.



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