Show Racism the Green Card

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Show Racism the Green Card!


I see big Marvin Andrews was back at Ibrox to proclaim in relation to remarks made on the internet about several players associated with the Govan club that ‘racism is the ‘devils work.’ It’s a pity he hadn’t been in the city centre on Saturday afternoon following the Rangers result against Aberdeen. Making my way back towards the airport I was unfortunate like many other, to be witness to a display of racist and sectarian abuse from Rangers fans on the rampage. Outside Central Station there was a group of young Rangers fans singing the Sash and ‘We’ll sing what we want’ whilst across at the junction of Argyle and Jamaica streets, there was another substantial crew in full voice with the ‘Famine Song.’ The seemed to be no shortage of police around but they seemed totally indifferent to the menace and abuse directed towards anyone in the vicinity. One clown actually dropped his pants and urinated in the window of Frasers. The only arrests I read about in relation to the game were of four Aberdeen fans, despite advance notice that gangs of German and English neo nazi’s were in Glasgow for the day to link up with the Rangers support. Clearly there were no eagle eared match commanders on duty in the city centre to witness ‘the devil’s work’ and bring charges against those responsible. Now if the shoe had been on the other foot?

Dimwits and imbeciles.

Like most Celtic fans I have no sympathy whatever for the so called ‘Celtic fan’ who is alleged to have racially abused Rangers Maurice Edu and Arsenal loanee Kyle Bartley on Facebook. No ifs, no buts. It doesn’t matter what religion you are or what team you support, racist abuse is unacceptable and there is no room for racists amongst the Celtic support. Racists need to be confronted, challenged and rooted out. It doesn’t surprise me that there are still some dimwits out there who have not cottoned on to the fact that posting such abuse is an invitation to the authorities to arrest those involved. What does surprise me is that anyone claiming to be a Celtic supporter can completely ignore the history and traditions of our club, and engage in any form of racism or bigotry. I’m not silly enough to suggest that there are no people within the Celtic support who express racist sentiments. There are vulgar and imbecilic football fans in every large gathering. But Celtic are a club built on the sacrifices of an immigrant community that has always been open to people regardless of race, colour or creed. As such there are issues which constantly need to be confronted, and there are other expressions of bigotry and intolerance including sexism and homophobia which we also need to confront. Where necessary we of the Celtic support need to lead the way in developing the necessary discourse and conversation to explain why we, as Celtic fans, have a particular obligation to challenge bigotry and intolerance.


It was a great result in Paisley at the weekend. A great team effort and a great performance from Scott Brown, who I think its true to say has shown some consistent form this season, and begun to demonstrate at last why we paid Hibernian a record fee for him in 2007 despite it been assumed he was going across the river as Walter’s ‘number one’ priority.

Guy Fawkes was right.

By the way I agree with Guy Fawkes. Not you understand that I’m suggesting that anyone should try and blow up the Houses of Parliament. The Guy Fawkes in question was the nom de plume for one of my eagle eyed readers who reminded all and sundry that I had got a date wrong in relation the ‘2008’ transfer window in my last blog. It should of course been the ‘2009’ transfer window and Guy was suggesting in a way that my articles would benefit from being properly proof read and on that I think he is right. He might be the man we need after all to ensure this blog goes from strength to strength. At least he knows where to contact me re availability. Volunteers with practical skills and a bit of time on their hands are always welcome and indeed essential for the common good.

Onwards to Sunday, Hail Hail


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