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Published on Saturday 28th January, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Why not let fellow Celtic fans know what you are thinking?

Contributions to this blog are invited and will be welcomed.

We will not necessarily proof read them for accuracy..mistakes on your own head..but we will monitor for abuse language etc (not really necesary I'm sure) and, so as not to break the habit of a lifetime. we may correct any spelling errors we spot.

So let others know what you are thinking.

Sharpen your pencils, or probably laptops nowadays, and send your piece to

As has been said "It's all about opinions"!


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1 comment
Angiesbhoy09 says:
2012-01-28 18:36:01

I'm thinking why not bring back Scott McDonald?.. We let Baba Diawara slip away for the same price he was being touted for back in the summer (Seville didn't hang about) rangers are on their arse right now.. bolster the squad & kill the championship - midfield is the strongest its ever been in recent years, but another proven goalscorer is a MUST & a quality center half should be considered..

Transfer deadline day beckons..I wait with bated :)


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