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Published on Wednesday 1st February, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Vincent's ponders the transfer window and events across the City

More of a scurry than a flurry down Govan way

The closure of the ‘Transfer window’ has seen more of a scurry than a flurry across Govan way as the proverbial ‘rats’ prepare to abandon a sinking ship. Jelavic arrived at Everton last night for a fee of around £4.5 million which is less than half of what we were told the ‘billionaire’ Chairman was holding our for. Given that they ‘turned down’ a £9 million bid on the last day of the previous transfer window. and allegedly rejected a £7 million deal from West Ham earlier in this window, it seems Whyte and company have had their bluff well and truly called by ex Celt David Moyes. Jelavic had allegedly performed a different type of strike at the weekend than what might usually be expected from a centre forward,  demanding that he be allowed out the door....or over the wall. To be perfectly honest I don’t think it matters a whole lot whether  Jelavic stays or goes in terms of the destiny of the SPL title. But if it makes them squirm even more then it can’t be all bad.


Who's laughing now?

Far be it from me to gloat, but there must be a feeling akin to the last hours on The Titanic down Govan way tonight. Amidst the once celebrated ‘speckled marble’ halls and staircases of Ibrox, the rats are getting ready scuttle under the doors, out the windows and over the walls. This great and glorious, once proud institution etc. etc. reduced to this. And the taxman hasn’t even cometh yet! It would bring a tear to the eyes of a stone. Unless of course that stone had any sense of history or any semblance of decency. Its not that long ago when Jelavic flying high, (including into tackles generally ignored by those ever impartial men in black) reported that his agent had informed him that Manchester United, no less, were lining up a £13 million bid to bring him to Old Trafford. More recently still, the ever modest Croatian was gloating  that the SPL was in the bag with Celtic having ‘no chance’ of catching the boys in blue. How they must have laughed that evening when their ‘loyal’ servant was given leave to taunt the Celtic support. Who’s laughing now? A few bad results and he’s champing at the door to get out. It must be really humiliating to be a Rangers fan these days. Really and truly humiliating. Like I said before it would bring the tear to an eye of an uninformed stone. No gloating! Seriously, its not nice.




Last one out turn off the lights

It’s rumoured that the delay on our flight back to Dublin on Sunday night following our crushing victory over ‘gallant little Falkirk’ was caused by airlines trying to reschedule planes to facilitate the exodus from Ibrox. Jelavic was joined on the way out by a whole host of glittering prizes delivered by Ally’s revered scouting system. Players who, we were told, would light up the SPL for years to come, and ensure a period of unprecedented Ibrox domination under the stewardship of the Motherwell billionaire. People like ‘El Tigre’ and the Australian Player of the Year Mc Kay I think his name was. ‘El Tigre’ Ortiz was signed amidst much fanfare at a ‘bargain’  price of  £500,000, showing what an eye for talent McCoist brought to the job. Ortiz has gone in the words of Tom English in The Scotsman from “Camp Nou and the Bernabeu to nowhereville in a matter of months” Then there was Beydoya. Remember Beydoya? Not surprised no one else does. There were a few others who proved to be such non entities that no one can actually remember anything about them except the hype. Moreover those who have been brought in on ‘trail’ appear to have been universally unimpressed. With dyed in the wool Rangers fan and Norn Iron hero Steve Lomas accusing the club of all manner of dirty deeds in their attempt to lure Sandaza and the player refusing point blank to sign a pre contract with Tax Evaders United. Honduran club Montagua claim they and their player Juan ’the Pitbull’  Claros were treated ‘absurdly’ by Whyte and McCoist.  Others like Zultan Muslimovich didn’t even stick around for lunch. Despite being lauded as the new saviour he was in Sunderland before they knew he’d left the building. One humiliation after another.



Meanwhile in Paradise

Things couldn’t be any different at Paradise, with a virtual raft of players brought in and others champing at the bit trying to get in as the window draws to a close. Celtic seem to have conducted some tremendous business in a low key way, so much so that some of the players who have joined the club where unknown to anyone outside of Lenny’s immediate circle. The latest of these Pawel Brozek is a case in point. A few days ago he was being paraded by a compliant Scottish media as Jelavic’s preferred replacement, before signing for Celtic on loan till the end of the season  and commenting that once he’d heard of our interest he couldn’t get across the city quickly enough. We have conducted our business very professionally and it should be a lesson to other clubs as to how such business should be carried out. Like our position in the League table, our status as a club has soared throughout this transfer window and those responsible deserve our appreciation. All in all the month of January, like the month of December before it has been a happy time for those of us of the Celtic faith. Sunday’s demolition of Falkirk was particularly sweet given Presley’s outrageous histrionics, and the appearance of several very large ‘union’ flags amongst the Falkirk loyal. Not long now before the ‘Supercaley’ headline gets dusted off and trotted out? Any port in a storm. So be it. I’ve no doubt we’ll teach them another lesson in the highlands on Saturday and put the odious Butcher in his place. Bring it on!


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