That Was The Week That Was

Published on Sunday 19th February, 2012 by

By Tom O'Neill. One man's very personal account of recent events.

Despite weeks of some delusional Celtic fans living in a future Rangers-free Utopia, since the St. Valentine’s Day descent into administration, things are turning out almost precisely as the more level headed of us have long predicted.
With the Scottish media doing the cheerleading, Fiery Crosses have been lit, Wagons Circled, Barricades Manned and Knuckles well and truly crunched, all in the interests of securing the long term future of that fairly modest sized business concern known Rangers Football Club. It is this relative modesty of its size in real business terms that adds to the enormity of its alleged wrongdoings.
Saddening for someone like myself brought up in a fairly left wing environment, has been the sight of some Labour politicians lining up with the ‘too big to fail’ brigade that numbered within its ranks a professor at Glasgow University. Hopefully, in a future moment of sober reflection, some of those mentioned above will yearn for the facility to retrospectively rinse out their mouths with carbolic soap.
In my own personal view, the worst and hopefully unthinking offender has been Glasgow City Council’s Labour Leader, Gordon Matheson.
We are never done having it rammed down our throats, that in any controversy relating to the so called ‘Old Firm’, it is simply a case of one side being as bad as the other.
In his anxiety to preserve some semblance of status quo at Ibrox, Gordon has unbelievably turned this long held Scottish media belief on its head. Gordon’s take is that, in this particular case, ‘one side is actually as good as the other’. According to Gordon, Rangers, like Celtic has carried the city’s good name all over the world.
No harm to the poor man, like others are doing in relation to current events at Ibrox, he was simply indulging in what has been eloquently described elsewhere as vote-whoring. Nevertheless, he should try running his views on itinerant municipal ambassadorship past the citizenry of Berwick, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Birmingham and Barcelona, to name but a few. While he is at it, he might also like to sound out the people of Dublin on their sense of relief on realising that Rangers had failed to qualify for last season’s Europa League Final scheduled to be held in their city.
Finally. Could anyone correct me or refresh my memory? I believe that during the period of its alleged innovative interpretations of Her Majesty’s tax laws, Rangers Football Club received a sum of public or National Lottery money to help fund Murray Park or some related venture.


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