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Published on Saturday 14th April, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Let a thousand flowers bloom

 A couple of enterprising, and technically gifted, Hibernian fans have set up a survey (which is capable of producing properly cleaned-up data eg no imposters, no repetition etc) in order to give fans of all clubs an opportunity to make their views clear to the SPL regarding the rules changes which are being voted on at the end of the month.  Here we ask them to tell us what their thinking was behind the survey and how it is shaping up so far:

We felt it was time that fans from across Scottish Football were given an opportunity to let their feelings be known with regard to the situation involving Rangers possibly being liquidated and being allowed automatic re-entry into the SPL.

This along with the proposed SPL Financial Fair Play rules which appear to be designed to help RFC back into the SPL should be addressed.

The purpose of the site is to guage reaction and feed that back to the media and SPL club chairmen along with the SFA & SPL board members so they can understand what we as fans expect from them.

At the time of writing we look set to break 10,000 responses within 36 hours of the site going live.  That, I feel, is a pretty powerful voice.

The survey can be accessed at

There are also other initiatives such as the 'No to Newco' tweet which is being circulated.  So we urge all Celtic fans, fans of other clubs and anyone who believes in fairness and integrity in sport to take any and every opportunity to express your views and let the guardians of our game know that integrity is not a relative concept:  you either have it or you don't.




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