Celtic supporters meet with Celtic re SPL

Published on Monday 16th April, 2012 by Celtic Trust

The Celtic Trust and the Celtic Supporters Association today met with Peter Lawwell to discuss the leaked proposals to the SPL meeting due to take place on 30 April.  PL indicated that at this stage the proposals were in draft form and may not be identical to the ones to be tabled at the meeting.  He indicated that the PLC Board had discussed the various possible outcomes of the situation with the SPL and repeated his earlier reassurance to us that whatever happened the Board would act in Celtic's best interest.  However, he felt unable to say anything beyond that at this time.

We, in turn, took the opportunity to make a number of points:  we pointed out that there is a great deal of anger out there among all fans of the SPL but, more importantly for our purposes, among Celtic fans.  We told him that we were taking soundings from the support by a variety of mechanisms and that we would continue to do so.  We indicated the strength of feeling among supporters so far that a Rangers Newco should not be allowed straight back into the SPL and emphasised the dangers to Celtic and to the SPL of ending up with a corrupt competition and a tainted product.  We indicated a number of possible options that we would consider if the 'Gang of 10' should press ahead with the proposals which exist in draft form and we made a number of suggestions as to what Celtic PLC's response should be if the worst case scenario came to pass.  Most importantly, we emphasised our view that the Board should look beyond short term commercial considerations and should stand up for the integrity of the game and the long term best interests of Celtic FC and of the wider Celtic family.

Future meetings will be requested as and when necessary as this situation develops.


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ciacai says:
2012-04-22 13:05:17

The message needs to be put out to the gang of 10 that they should consider the loss of revenue from a Celtic supporters boycott of away games if they bend over and abandon sporting integrity.

Gold Cascade says:
2012-04-22 12:40:38

Better also have a look at the reports that Bill Miller and the SPL are in discussion about his "conditional offer" regarding changes he wants to any "punishment" imposed on RFC to allow his bid to progress further . Causing a lot of comment on Twitter just now about how SPL or SFA can possibly allow this to happen .

NoPretender! says:
2012-04-16 21:56:23

sorry folks but it seems celtics best interests on this issue are for a newco to be alowed back into the spl. i believe that it wll be up to us, the fans, to protest against this sham, as the consequences for the SPL are incomprehensible.
lets hope for a united front in scottish football!


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