Say no to Newco

Published on Friday 27th April, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Lets send a message to the SPL

The Green Brigade have asked us to advertise a protest which they have planned for Sunday's game.  The protest will involve us all, in the 15th minute, standing up and turning our backs to the pitch. The idea behind the protest is that we send a visual message to the SPL and clubs that fans will literally be turning their backs on Newco should they vote yes to the proposals on Monday. Given the game is live on TV and will be going across the world, any visual protest like this will be picked up by the media and discussed.

The Celtic Trust is happy to support this visual protest and we call on all fans who have concerns about the integrity of the game in Scotland to support the Green Brigade in this action.


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Declan says:
2012-05-07 20:18:08

Celtic must engage with its supporters now to identify how we will respond to the possible outcomes being discussed. We need to have our reply ready and agreed, to ensure that the response is thought through and succinct. We need to work out a response which will in no way be detrimental to Celtic but rather all those concerned in possible cover ups or in unethical practices.

Murciabhoy says:
2012-05-07 12:45:22

Quite simply Celtic should resign from the league if the newco is allowed in the SPL without suitable sanctions and that means points deduction ,cash penalties and registration restrictions. They must at least endure 4 or 5 years as it would be at least 4 years before they could work their way up to SPL status if dropping to the bottom tier.
I will not have anything to do with Scottish football again unless sporting integrity is upheld. simple !!


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