Statement from the Celtic Trust

Published on Monday 7th May, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Celtic Trust statement on current events


Statement from the Board of the Celtic Trust

Over recent days there has been much discussion amongst Celtic supporters, (indeed  amongst all football supporters,) about the implications of the present situation of Rangers FC Plc (in administration) and how this will impact on the future of the SPL.

Some Celtic supporters have expressed disquiet that the various organisations representing the Celtic support have not publicly responded to recent events.

However, we would like to reassure Trust members that the Trust Board has been monitoring the situation closely and has been actively involved in developing strategies to meet future situations. Over the past two weeks we have:

  • Held discussions with other Celtic supporter organisations to devise a joint response.
  • Been a signatory to a letter sent  from all the Celtic Supporter organisations to the Chairpersons of all   SPL Clubs and to Neil Doncaster Chief Executive of the SPL,  prior to the meeting at Hampden last Monday stressing that sporting integrity must be paramount in any decision made.
  • Had two meetings with the Celtic Chief Executive at which we  have conveyed to him the very strong feelings being expressed by the support.
  • Been invited to meet with Neil Doncaster and this meeting will take place on the first available date which is Tuesday 8th May.

Be assured that we will continue to monitor events as they unfold and keep members informed of developments. We are totally opposed to a so-called ‘newco’ being admitted into the SPL. Should this come about we will be consulting with our members and with other Celtic supporter organisations with the aim of deciding on an appropriate response.

In the meantime we are very keen to hear the opinions of our members on the present situation and would welcome any contribution to the debate members may wish to make.  Any member who wishes to do so please contact us at





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baryscc says:
2012-05-07 19:18:46

Reply #144 Today at 3:59pm
My letter to Lawell to be sent tomorrow recorded delivery.

Dear Mr Lawell

I am writing to you today with an utter feeling of dread.

Having heard the news that todays SPL meeting has now been rescheduled for the 30th of May due to a member Chairman having insufficient knowledge to make an informed decision, and Rangers Administrators asking for more time and the 11 present voters agreeing to this I felt the need to contact you.

You see I can sympathise with that Chairman (John Yorkston) for I too am in a similar situation. I recently received my Season Ticket renewal form, and as you are aware, the deadline for returning this is the 18th of May.

Now, I may be becoming cynical in my old age however, I am also wanting to gain knowledge on a subject before sending back my renewal form and committing 600 x 2 to Celtic FC.

At the very least I would expect the deadline of the 18th to be extended until the votes have become apparent.

How does Celtic intend to vote regarding allowing / disallowing a newco direct entry into the SPL ?

Please do not flannel me we with Celtic shall vote in a way that benefits our shareholders as this does not necessarily mean you will be voting in a way that is morally correct, nor would it mean you were listening to the majority of Celtic fans, nor indeed the majority of other right minded football fans in Scotland.

I realise that the custodians of the club often try to tug on the fans heart strings and rely heavily on the faithful through and through mentality. Not returning to Celtic Park will indeed break my heart, but it will be in the knowledge that I refuse to be led along by 11 men who have deliberately agreed to constantly postpone making any decisions, in the hope of dragging out making the only decision that many Celtic fans are waiting for until the moneys in the till.

Will Celtic FC be voting a newco direct entry to the SPL ?

A clear yes or no would suffice in helping me make my mind up. If you cannot answer this simple question in an open, clear and honest manner then I will only be able to surmise that Celtic have something to hide and I fear I know what that would be. If that was to be the case then I would not be endorsing such a decision anyway, and Im sure I will enjoy my first summer holiday abroad with my family with the extra 1200 expenditure I will have in my pocket.

Yours Sincerely

2012-05-07 19:09:18

Could the trust get a definitive statement from Celtic PLC (Peter Lawell) on how they intend voting.
If they intend supporting the admission of a newco, then I might decide to cancel my season ticket renewal.
Sporting integrity must come before finacial reward. If Celtic vote against the newco, but are outvoted, then the Celtic fans should boycott all the other teams.
If the SPL is powerless to punish rangers cheating, then what's to stop rangers from doing exactly what they want.
Their fans have been resorting to norm again. The recent game at Celtic Park was a perfect example of that - the whole sectarian, racist & abnoxious song sheet was aired (never noticed too much police activity in trying to stop them though) and they completely wrecked the toilets again - they have reached the point when they don't care what they do and allowing a newco into the SPL will just prove the point that they (and their fans) are untouchable.

johnp7 says:
2012-05-07 12:24:13

fistly i would like to thank the celtic trust for making thier position clear publicly,and opposing newco,after years of cheating Glasgow rangers are still cheating and trying to manipulate the scottish public into allowing rangers to continue with minimal sanctions,these people are after cheating, holding scottish football to ransom,and have totally discarded SFA,SPL,rules and indeed asking for help compounding the problem .
mr Mccoist has been allowed to speak unchecked by anyone in scottish football,and should not be allowed to make unhelpful,baise rangers outbursts,causing more controversy,putting other members& thier families in danger,disrupting scottish football,and trying to influence,other SFA,SPL members .
Celtic trust&board should be using thier membership presence felt by letting the sfa spl mr Mccoist is in disrepute
rules are rules


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