It is resolution time again...again!

Published on Thursday 19th July, 2012 by Celtic Trust

The Celtic Trust are looking for your signatures again for the 2012 Celtic PLC AGM

The Celtic PLC AGM 2012 is only a few months away (no date yet) and as usual the Celtic Trust will be making every effort to make it more than just a stage-managed set piece for the PLC Board.  We have two resolutions this year, which were decided some months ago. 

The first one relates to corporate governance of our own Club.  Many of you will be greatly exercised by the hot topic of corporate governance of the Scottish game at this point but an enduring theme for us is how our own club is governed and particularly how the views of the supporters can be placed at the centre of decision-making. 

The second resolution relates to an issue which may or may not become irrelevant even by the time you have read this ie the issue of joint sponsorship.  Many supporters are extremely unhappy when the Club signs contracts with sponsors in joint deals with Rangers as it bolsters the 'Old Firm' mentality and continues a link which we neither want nor accept. 

You can download the forms and the supporting statements here and either sign them and post them back to us (The Celtic Trust, PO Box 2066, Glasgow, G32 2AX)) or sign them, scan them in and email them to us. 

Resolution requisition form 1

Resolution requisition form 2

Please remember the following:


  • In order to sign the form you have to be a shareholder who holds even a single ordinary share in Celtic PLC.  If you are not sure then sign it anyway because it will be checked at some stage
  • If you have moved house since you bought your shares then please put both addresses on the form.  If you want to change your registered address then contact us via the website and we will help you do that
  • Thank you to all shareholders who have signed up in the past but please remember that this only applies to a single AGM therefore it must be done every year.






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