Reply from SFA re club licensing

Published on Friday 1st June, 2012 by Celtic Trust

The Celtic Trust today received a reply from Stewart Regan to our letter of 27 May which you can find  here.  The reply in full can be found here.

The Trust will consider this reply over the next few days and, if clarification is needed, we will make further enquiries.  In the meantime, please let us know your own views on this matter.


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Ron A says:
2012-06-01 22:42:52

Guys, I came on your article through News Now. I'm from south of the border and have no allegiances - ethnic, religious, political - to any team in Scotland so I hope that you take this as completely unbiased (but interested) viewpoint.The more I see and hear about this whole administation / newco situation, the more I'm convinced that a team called Rangers will start next season in the SPL - and without any further sanctions beyond the European ban. If and when that happens it will mark the beginning of the end for Scottish domestic football. God knows the EPL has got more than its share of issues (all money related of course) - but for Rangers to walk away from this unscathed and debt-free will put the SPL and SFA on the same footing as a banana republic. Good luck in making the authorities feel uncomfortable but I think we all know how things will end. Cheers

PeterF67 says:
2012-06-01 20:14:53

apart from the present situation in Scottish football, does anyone know if the powers of SFA extend beyond their present remit to include further sanctions of a SPL member club who has illegally phone hacked another member club of the SPL , to gain unfair advantage in transfer deals in the last 14 years

Esse Quam Videri says:
2012-06-01 18:58:52

Brilliant reply.
Will be worth watching and seeing if they stick to the rules, especially the 3 years audited accounts!


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