'No' to League Proposals

Published on Friday 29th June, 2012 by Celtic Trust


Proposed League Reconstruction

The Celtic Trust is deeply concerned about reports which appeared in the press and media yesterday that the footballing authorities in Scotland are proposing wholescale changes to League structure with the sole aim of ensuring that a successor to Rangers FC obtains a place in the second tier of Scottish football. Their hope is that this entity will achieve promotion to the SPL within one season. This ‘new club’,( which at the moment is referred to by various names,) does not even have the basic requirement to operate in any tier of Scottish football, as we understand it is not in possession of a licence from the SFA or any other body within Scottish football. Despite this, it would appear that these very organisations are prepared to change the whole structure of senior football to accommodate a ‘club’ which has no standing or credibility within the game. That is simply unacceptable.

As a member of Supporters Direct the Celtic Trust  has been involved in surveys about League reconstruction so we are not opposed to it per se but we believe that it must be done in a planned, considered manner and in consultation with supporters and other interested parties and not rushed through for benefit of one new, untried, proposed ‘club’. Those proposing this course would do well to remember that if or when this ‘club’ comes into existence it will be because its predecessor, over a number of years, failed to pay its taxes and other bills, has been judged to have a case to answer concerning serious cheating, and has already been found guilty of offences deemed so serious that only match fixing would have been worse.

 Celtic supporters have made it known that they are opposed to any successor of, the soon to be liquidated Rangers FC, being given special and unique treatment. In this we do not stand alone as fans of many other Clubs have also been quick to voice their opposition. Already fan power has had an effect on the decisions of the Chairpersons of SPL clubs who have stated their intention of not allowing ’new club’ direct admission into the SPL.  A growing number of SFL Clubs have also stated their concerns following fans representation. Yet despite this clear message Regan, Ogilvie Doncaster and Co are looking for a way to get round fans’ expressed opinions and parachute ‘new club’ into the League without proper procedures.

The Trust along with the other Celtic supporter organisations has established good working links with supporters’ organisations of other Scottish Clubs. We will continue to work with them to make it clear to those who would ignore the stated feelings of Scottish fans that there will be very serious consequences if they do not reconsider their proposals.

We are seeking an urgent meeting with the CEO of our own Club to whom we have already made our views known and we will take every opportunity to ensure that those concerned are in no doubt about the consequences should they continue to pursue this course of action. The ‘wise men’ of the SFA, SPL, SFL etc would do well to remember the words of a truly wise man,

Football, without the fans, is nothing”



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Kenny Butler says:
2012-07-02 11:22:20

If only they had accepted their punishment and moved on.
Re-apply to Division 3.
No More, No Less.

Graham 1888 says:
2012-06-30 00:39:08

As a football fan I really think that Scottish football needs Rangers. What is the first game every Celtic fan looks at when the fixture are released...every Celtic fan instinctively thinks "when do we play Rangers?".

The standard of the SPL has dropped alarmingly since the days of Larsson, Lambert, Petrov, Sutton etc, when Rangers also boasted a quality opposition albeit it has been shown that they were to all intents and purposes cheating through their 'taxation schemes'. It's only going to get worse with the demise of Rangers.

Celtic fans are going to miss the Old Firm games. Football fans in general are going to miss the Old Firm games. If any Celtic fan was asked to name their top 3 Celtic moments the vast majority will always mention beating Rangers in their choices.

There is going to be no competition at the top of the SPL over the coming seasons....the Old Firm rivalry is what made every Celtic game an important one because Celtic knew that they had to win with Rangers in mind.

Of course Rangers have cheated and they should be punished. Strip them of their tainted titles and throw them in Division One with all their historical footballing debts still accountable. They are also going to have no European football for at least 3 seasons. We can already see that their squad is falling to pieces so there are even question marks about whether or not they would even win the 1st Divison next season. I think that all the aforementioned is punishment enough. Does any Celtic fan want to genuinely see the complete destruction of Rangers....

Celtic need a strong and competitive Rangers in order to make any kind of impression in Europe.

Instead we are going to see a Celtic side walk away with the Championship by Christmas every season for the forseeable future with just enough investment to keep it that way while we do nothing in Europe.

I'll probably get pelters for these comments but I believe that most Celtic fans would deep down agree with them.

James McLaughlin says:
2012-06-29 23:03:16

Their utter disregard for fans is what gets me. Regan, Ogilvie, Doncaster, Longmuir, Ballantyne: Their awful document - awful in content and presentation - is a futile attempt to sell hierarchy of disregard to people who no longer buy second-class status.

Perhaps John Reid might not have realised he spoke, not just for Celtic but for all clubs and supporters when he said, "We wont be treated as less than anyone else those days are gone. The officers of the SFA, SPL, SFL need to get that reality into their heads. Their job is to manage reality, not create it. The fans have crossed the Rubicon, No going back. NoToNewco.

Thai Tim says:
2012-06-29 18:03:15

What I find disgusting is the rhetoric from those who should know better that "rangers" will be "relegated" into the first division. They can't seem to get it into their thick skulls that if a business id liquidated because they failed to pay their bills, then legally that business can no longer exist. If the SFA/SPL/SFL wish to continue to recognize a new business as if it were the old business then they are getting themselves into very murky water legal-wise. If the new business is considered to be a new rangers in disguise, then that so-called new business will be liable for millions of pounds of unpaid debt.
Also, if they use the rhetoric that "Rangers" are relegated (even though they will not exist), then only one team should be relegated, so Dunfermline should stay up in the SPL, not Dundee!
As for the comment from your article "rangers have already been found guilty of offences deemed so serious that only match fixing would have been worse". We all know matches have been fixed for years using bent referees. Its all out in the open now - yes rangers can cheat - yes they can starve other clubs of success by their cheating - robbing clubs of money because they illegitimately bought success. Now its clearly out in the open - those that run our game will bend over backwards and change the rules to help this despicable institution carry on with their bigoted bile and cheating. Only in Scotland!


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