Joe McBride RIP

Published on Tuesday 17th July, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Memories of Joe McBride

I can't claim to have known Joe McBride very well personally.  I met him two or three times in and around Celtic Park and just chatted in the passing.  He was the kind of person who took an interest in you as an individual even though he must have been inundated with Celtic fans wanting to talk to him and get his autograph and have their photos taken with him.  I remember, in particular, that when I introduced my son (who was about 10 or 11 at the time) to him he remarked that he did not need to be told he was mine because we look so similar.  He remembered that exchange every time we met thereafter.    One of the Trust Board members also had a fond memory of Joe and his thoughtful ways as he explains below:

As a 12 year old altar boy from St Mirin's Catherdal we were on our Christmas "treat" to the Kelvin Hall, we were given a few bob to spend on the "shows" and got taken to the circus. At one point we noticed a crowd of young ones about 6 deep in a circle. On drawing closer we could see the object of attention and in the middle of the crowd was Joe McBride and family, hoping no doubt to enjoy a family night out. Joe was busy signing autographs for everyone. No trying to escape or push past after signing one or two autographs but patiently signing for all. I could'nt tell you what the circus was like (never liked them anyway) but I never forgot being so close to and getting the signature of a true Celtic great!

There are many modern football players, most of them not fit to tie his boots, who think they are above the fans and who don't want to be bothered with them.  Joe and his team mates from one of the greatest sides ever to play for Celtic never thought that.

That is why the respect and affection in which Joe will be remembered is special and fitting for a wonderful football player and a true Celt.

Rest in Peace Joe.



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Thrums says:
2012-07-17 18:47:12

Joe McBride had a shop in Dalmarnock Rd when I was a young boy. At Christmas he would take my Scottish Football Annual into Celtic Park and every photo of a Celtic player would get that player's signature on it. (I wish I still had these books). It's a reflection of Joe's humble nature that he always looked after the supporters.


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