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Published on Tuesday 6th November, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Those of you who are not members (or who are members but not registered on our site) might be wondering if the Trust is hibernating at the moment.  We are glad to say that we are busy as ever but we have been a bit less assiduous in keeping everyone informed of what we have been doing.

Some of the more recent items on the site which describe our activities can only be viewed by members and that is why it looks as though the site has not been updated.  However, we continue to push forward on a number of issues:


  1. preparing for the Celtic PLC AGM
  2. continuing to represent members who are in dispute with Celtic
  3. continuing to push for other clubs to treat our travelling support with more respect 
  4. continuing to push for Strathclyde Police to treat our fans more fairly
  5. continuing to look at ticket pricing both at home and away
  6. looking at ways to make saving easier for all of the costs of being a Celtic fan via a bespoke credit union account
  7. continuing to work with other supporters' organisations in the Fans Against Criminalisation campaign.

With respect to item 3 we have been in touch with Celtic's Head of Security regarding the blanket search policy at Dundee Utd at the weekend and we will be writing to the Match Commander to formally complain about this, as well as to Dundee Utd to complain about the very instrusive searching of young boys which took place in public. With respect to item 4, we have recently met with the police officers running Football Coordination Unit Scotland (FoCUS) and a full report of this is available to members on our site.   With respect to item 7 we have recently met, together with other FAC members, the Consul-General of the Republic of Ireland to discuss the consequences of the implementation of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act for the expression of Irish identity in Scotland. Our thoughts on the upcoming Celtic PLC AGM is being prepared and this should be available within the next few days.


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