That Was The Week That Was!

Published on Saturday 10th November, 2012 by

A personal view of a momentous week.

The events of the past week have been so filmed, photographed, written about, commented on, that adding yet another perspective may seem utterly superfluous.
However I was never one to let a minor detail like that deter me so here is my very personal view of events.

Tuesday evening found the Celtic support assembled, not at Celtic Park, but at St Mary’s Church Abercromby Street, exactly 125 years to the day,when it all began and where a group of compassionate, caring men of vision founded what would become known as the Celtic Football and Athletic Club. Of course we at the Trust, are no strangers to St Mary’s. We hold most of our meetings there and are always conscious of returning to our origins when we do so.

During the comparatively short time they have been in existence the members of The Celtic Graves Society have worked tirelessly researching, documenting and communicating the history of the Club. On Tuesday they delivered an event which had everything…information, humour, history, nostalgia and which ended with a moving celebration of Mass. There was something for everyone and everyone was welcomed and included because that is the Celtic Way.

I am sure that every person lucky enough to be present that evening will cherish his/her own  memory. I was brought up in the Calton and St Mary’s has always been and still is my spiritual home, so my memory is somewhat poignant. Listening to Terry Dick and later Father White recall the struggle and sacrifice of those who rose above poverty, discrimination and oppression to bring us to where we are today, I was very conscious of  a presence which was almost tangible. Yes, there were ghosts in St Mary’s that night but they were happy ghosts as they witnessed the harvest gathered from the seeds of their indomitable spirit and faith. I have never been more conscious of the privilege of belonging to such a community.

So, all we had to do the next evening was to beat the best team in the world and some would argue perhaps the best Club team ever! Nae bother then!  If ever inspiration was needed it was that night and if ever inspiration was delivered it was also that night. I cannot recall a more stirring or fervent rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone and what about that display as the teams emerged? Master minded by the Green Brigade one could only wonder at the talent, imagination, enthusiasm and sheer hard work which brought it all about. For the life of me I cannot understand why the Green Brigade are so much maligned, even by some Celtic supporters. Without them the match day experience at Celtic Park would be so much poorer but they outdid even their own best efforts on Wednesday. Well done to all!

Enough has been said about the match and by those much more knowledgeable than I about tactics etc.but I will quote one text I received  all the way from Australia after the final whistle.

“Absolutely fabulous! Barca might tango a few but tonight we Wanyamaed and Watted them! Hail Hail”

Praise has been heaped on the manager and players and rightly so for they fought like lions and did us proud. There have also been plaudits for the Board and Club officials but for me last week belonged to us… the fans… for without us and those who went before us and passed the torch to us, there would not be a Celtic or certainly not one we would recognise. And if we hold true to the belief and fortitude of our predecessors is it too much to hope that in the future we can have a fuller input into the running of OUR Club?

After all “ we are Celtic supporters faithful through and through”

Hail Hail



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