Statement for Celtic Disabled Supporters' Ass'n

Published on Friday 7th December, 2012 by Celtic Trust

CDSA Statement on Phosphorus Flares

After the recent incident at Tynecastle when a flare was thrown amongst Celtic supporters the CDSA felt it had to speak out about this.

We appeal to those people who bring flares to games, and those who know people that do, to stop and think of the consequences as you have no control over the direction that the smoke will go.

Many of our members have respiratory illnesses or respiratory limitations because of their disabilities including at least one member who is on a portable ventilator. If any of these Celtic Supporters, including myself, were to inhale a small amount of the smoke there would be extremely serious health repercussions which would come on very quickly.

We do not want to find a disabled Celtic supporter, or any other supporter, hospitalised because of someone's idea of fun. And we certainly do not want to find that it takes a fatality before this practice stops.

So we appeal to you, don't let this happen to your fellow Celtic supporters.

Please pass this on to any relevant group or organisation you think may have an interest in this message.


Peter Joyce

Celtic Disabled Supporters Association (CDSA)


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