Let the People Sing

Published on Thursday 27th December, 2012 by Celtic Trust

Those of you who are not yet among the twitterati may not be aware that there is a wee proposal flying around to start a Celtic Choir.  This would be an open-access (no auditions) set up, with the intention of getting a group of people (no restriction on age or gender) to sing Celtic songs - maybe even write new ones!

For the avoidance of any doubt there is no intention here to start a songs debate - this is about singing Celtic songs.

If you are at all interested then please get in touch re the Celtic Trust (celtictrust@hotmail.com) and we will pull something together early in the New Year.  We already have some offers from qualified musicians to help arrange things and if anyone has any suggestions for a suitable venue for choir practice then please get in touch.

Finally, let us take the opportunity to wish all Celtic fans and kindred spirits throughout the world all the very best for 2013.

Happy New Year


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