First meeting of the Celtic Choir

Published on Wednesday 9th January, 2013 by Celtic Trust

The first meeting of the proposed Celtic choir will take on Tuesday 15th January at 7pm in the Ward Room, St Mary's Church, Abercromby Street, Glasgow. All those Celtic supporters who are interested in becoming involved as singers or musicians (or anything else that needs doing) please come along.

We are hoping that this will be something we can all enjoy without it becoming a chore for anyone.

At the first meeting we hope to get some idea of the numbers; to decide on a suitable venue for regular (fortnightly?) practices and to deal with any other housekeeping arrangements. We also hope people will bring along, or send to us at the Trust, the words and/or music of any older or less well known Celtic songs.

The Celtic Trust, whose initiative this is, is happy to promote and assist where it can, but the choir will ultimately belong to the choir!

Hope to see a good few of you next Tuesday.

Hail Hail


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